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What are the top Selenium automation testing best practices?

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Below are few practices of Selenium testing or I would say automated browser testing, I have learned so far as:

1. Use The Right Locators:-

Selecting the right locators can be the difference between a test script that is more flexible, and a brittle test that breaks on the small UI change. If those locators are present, use unique Classes or IDs as Selenium locators, as they are less likely to change without someone on your QA or Dev team knowing. 

2. Communication within Team - QA, DEV, PO,SM,client:-

For collaborating with different teams there are two aspects of collaborating with different teams that can make your testing success as - constant communication and instilling the importance of testing to every department. Instilling the importance of the QA process on your development team can save time and efficiency when building a testing framework.

3. Page Object Model. Use it:-

A popular test automation design pattern, the page object model will help you make robust testing frameworks that are resistant to small tweaks in the UI. 

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