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What is the step-by-step approach to learn Salesforce Lightning?

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To become proficient in Salesforce Lightning, you must follow the below-listed step-by-step approach:

  • Learning how to get started with Salesforce1 Lightning Process Builder
  • Registering your Salesforce account
  • Registering your domain with
  • Learning the basics of HTML and CSS
  • Mastering component attributes
  • Understanding Lightning components and the composition of the components
  • Mastering conditional statements and value providers
  • Learning how to deal with the out-of-the-box components
  • Learning Common UI and UI namespace
  • Mastering the basics of event handling and server-side controller
  • Learning how to develop a Lightning application

To know more you can visit Salesforce Lightning Tutorial.

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  • Job opportunities in high-growth startups and prestigious organizations
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To widen your understanding of Salesforce Lightning, you can watch the below video:

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