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Which among these frontend frameworks is the best to learn: Angular, React, or Vue?

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Over the years, JavaScript applications have become extremely popular. Many companies across the world have adopted JavaScript as the primary choice for their application stack. As a result, JavaScript is developing at an unprecedented pace. Today, we have regularly updated versions of Angular and React, and there is a brand new player in the market, Vue.js

Let’s have a brief look at these frameworks.

Angular is a popular front-end framework, launched way back in the year 2009. It is used extensively for building highly interactive and scalable web applications. It follows MVVM (Model View ViewModel) and also requires you to have the knowledge of TypeScript before you start building the apps.

React is an open-source front-end library, developed by Facebook in the year 2013. Unlike Angular, which uses TypeScript, React utilizes JSX for templating. Also, React’s mobile variant React Native allows you to build mobile applications.

Vue.js is a JavaScript-based frontend framework launched in the year 2013. Syntactically, Vue.js is a mixture of both Angular and React.

Gaining proficiency in any of these frameworks requires you to be proficient in JavaScript, so to learn any of these frameworks, first enroll in Intellipaat’s Angular Training and Certification program.

Further, read our blog to dive deep into the world of frontend frameworks.

Also, watching our below video tutorial can help you understand various frontend frameworks:

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