AngularJS for Beginners

This AngularJS tutorial includes Introduction, Installation, MVC, AngularJS First Application, Directives, Controllers, Expressions, Filters, Tables, DOM, Modules, Forms, Events, Validation, Dependency Injection, AngularJS API, Includes, Custom Directives, AngularJS Application so you learn AngularJS the right way. This AngularJS tutorial also includes practical use cases of AngularJS. This AngularJS is your first step to learn AngularJS.

This technology has gained immense popularity because of the following reasons:

  • AngularJS applications are supported by different browsers
  • Uses data-binding for providing synchronization between model and view layers
  • Incorporates the concepts of various languages including JavaScript and server-side languages.

How is AngularJS better than jQuery?

This is quite a common comparison while jQuery is a DOM manipulation library that uses JavaScript, AngularJS is a JavaScript framework designed to generate SPAs for web development. Both the technologies have gained immense popularity, but before opting a technology for web development the programmer should have a clear knowledge about these two concepts. Let’s get to know which technology should you opt and when:

Criteria AngularJS jQuery
Built for Built  for Single Page Apps Built mainly for DOM Manipulation
Interactivity Provides a lot of interactivity Provides little interactivity
Structure Has a framework No structure

Watch this insightful video on Angular vs React vs Vue:

AngularJS Tutorial - Learn Programming with AngularJS from Experts

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