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What I have?

I have a dashboard in Tableau which shows different payments received - the amount, the date the payment was received, and a calculated field which shows the number days since the payment was received.

However, lot of payments are same, with the same amount, and received on the same day; so Tableau collapses them together, and adds the total days since the payments were received together in the final column, i.e. five lots of £5.50, each received on 1st January shows as below

Column 1   Column 2     Column 3
£5.50     01/01/2018      155

What I want?

But I need separate rows for each. Does anyone know how to stop tableau doing this, or of a workaround? Many thanks.

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Tableau has a function RANK_UNIQUE which you can use for this query

As a first step, uncheck the aggregate measures within the Analysis Menu.

Then, starting from this sample data:

enter image description here

You can get the following result: enter image description here

Additionally, if you want to hide Rank from rows -- not-showing header.

Is this something close to what you're looking for?


In order to get all values and not just for the top rows, just move the Rank at the very beginning of the shelf:

enter image description here

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