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What are the objects in R? Where can I find the best R Programming tutorial?

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R consists of a number of data objects to perform various functions. There are 6 types of objects in R Programming. They include vector, list, matrix, array, factor, and data frame.

  • Vectors are one of the basic R programming data objects. They are six types of atomic vectors- logical, integer, character, raw, double, and complex.
  • Lists are data objects of R that contain various types of elements including strings, numbers, vectors, and a nested list inside it. It can also consist of matrices or functions as elements. It can be created with the help of the list() function.
  • Matrices in R Programming are used to arrange elements in the two-dimensional layout. They contain elements of the same data type. They usually contain numeric values in order to perform mathematical operations.
  • An array is used to store data in more than just 2 dimensions. It is used to store multi-dimensional data in the required format. It can be created with the help of an array() function.
  • Factors are data objects that are used in order to categorize and store data as levels. They can be strings or integers. They are extremely useful in data analytics for statistical modeling. They can be created using factor() function.
  • Dataframe is a 2-dimensional data structure wherein each column consists of the value of one variable and each row consists of a value set from each column.

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