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How to become a Data Analyst in India?

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Over recent years, the demand for Data Analysts in India has drastically increased. Many organizations are hiring Data Analysts in order to improve their business strategies and gain business insights by analyzing the data. If you want to become a Data Analyst in India then you should learn the following:

  • Mathematical concepts like Algebra, Calculus and Statistics.
  • Python and R programming
  • Database query language like SQL, MySQL, etc.

Data Visualization Tools such as Tableau, Power BI. You can master these skills and become a Data Analyst in India by enrolling in Data Science Training. Intellipaat offers one of the best online courses in Data Science which will make you proficient in it. You will work on real-time industry-oriented projects and exercises which will give you hands-on experience and substantiate your learning experience.

To know more, you must watch this Data Analyst tutorial available on YouTube:

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