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What is the difference between DevOps and Agile?

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DevOps is the practice of combining the development team with the operations team in the business organization. Its main purpose is to manage engineering processes from end-to-end. It focuses on continuous testing as well as delivery of the task. Its goal is to collaborate and implement the necessary tasks to avoid any commonly accepted framework. It aims to meet benchmarks ad deadlines with various major releases. Its target is to provide fast delivery of business solutions.

What to learn more differences between Agile & DevOps? Read on Agile vs DevOps.

Agile, on the other hand, refers to a repeated approach that focuses on collaborating, small releases, and customer feedback. It helps in managing complex projects. It focuses on continuous changes in development. It can be implemented using various tactical frameworks such as sprint, scrum, and safe. Its development is measured in sprints. The time-frame for each sprint is less than a month. Its aim is to make improvements in the field of software development.

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To learn Agile, you can sign up for Agile Training. In this certification program, you will cover the key concepts including Agile product development and contrasting waterfall philosophies.

To learn more about the differences between DevOps and Agile, check out this video:

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