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Why Agile is better than Waterfall?

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The waterfall model is the method of software development where each phase of the development must be completed before the beginning of the next phase to avoid overlapping phases. However, the Agile model is a combined model of iterative as well as incremental process models that mainly aims for customer satisfaction.

Some of the reasons why the Agile model is better compared to the Waterfall model are as follows:

  • It eliminates the chances of complete failure of the project. In this model, there is always a product that is developed incrementally from the first sprint which allows the project to not fail completely.
  • The client has the option to access and assess the project throughout the development and make changes and recommendations throughout the development process. The customers do not have access to the project in the Waterfall model.
  • It results in less re-work of the software since the changes and problems are identified and take care of during the early stages. Since the Waterfall model does not involve an iterative approach, there are high chances of re-work of the project after delivery.

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You should also check out this video below to know more about why Agile is better than Waterfall:

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