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I am doing automation to download all documents by customers. I am having trouble with counting total rows in the table because it is image based env. you can see the following image

enter image description here

I have tried to find selectors, but there is no selector Can anybody tell me how can I do it Thanks

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You can follow the following steps if you are using screen recorder.

  • First, select Image Recording and from Screen Scraping choose the option Screen Scraping as follow:
  • Just click on the image that you want to scrape data. In the follow up pop-up window select Region to Scrape option and specify the region/image to scrape
  • Then for your new scraped data select the following options on the right side
  •  The output of your recording will be Text (unstructured data), so let us covert it to Data Table so we can count the rows, In order to do that we use Activity Generate Data Table
  • Lastly, we use Activity ' For Each Row' to count the rows and store them in a variable.

enter image description here

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