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When to choose/use Agile versus Waterfall?

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You can use Agile in the following instances:

  • When the projects have less initial requirements and there are no strict regulations to meet
  • When the organization does not have to follow any strict processes and you have the liberty of working flexibly
  • When the owner of the product wants to be involved in the development process
  • When you are trying to develop an innovative product that is not currently in existence
  • When the product has to be delivered in a short span of time
  • When you have a flexible budget

Instances, where you can use the Waterfall model, include:

  • When you have strict regulatory requirements along with no room to make changes
  • When your organization has strict processes that they need to attend to
  • When the product-owner is not much involved in the process of development
  • When you are delivering an upgraded version of an existing product
  • When the timeline of the project is fixed
  • When the budget of the product is fixed

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You should also watch this video to learn more about the Waterfall and the Agile model:

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