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System.ApplicationException: Exception getting Java Identifier KeyBindings Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at BluePrism.AMI.clsAMI.Spy(clsElementTypeInfo& elementType, List`1& identifiers) at Automate.frmIntegrationAssistant.HandleSpyOrLaunchClick(Object sender, EventArgs e)

OS: Win 7 64 bit

My machine has installed below version of java



Java Access Bridge 2.0.2

Target app compiled on:


Note: When I am doing spy at the very first time I can able to get attributes without any problem. Error is thrown when you do spy for next time.

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This solution will work for only 64-bit windows 7 or higher version of OS

1)Make sure you have installed JRE 1.7 or higher version (1.7+ version will have JAB in build, so you don't need to install it externally)

2)Make sure you have pasted below files under "Blue Prism Limited\Blue Prism Automate"

  • JavaAccessBridge-64.dll

  • JAWTAccessBridge-64.dll

  • WindowsAccessBridge-64.dll

3) Enable JAB from the windows control panel.


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