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I am facing an issue in the spyder environment. When I open spyder with Python 3.7 I have no issues but when I try to activate 'myenv' and open the spyder, it opens in a blank screen and when I click on the blank screen it tells not responding. 

Can anyone tell why am I getting the error?

I have even tried using the code below:

conda update --all

conda create --name myenv

activate myenv

conda install -c conda-forge opencv

conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab

conda install spyder

conda update --all


I even tried installing Anaconda to use jupyter and Spyder.

My system details are as follows 

Dell XPS-15

Windows 10


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Actual Spyder is supported by python 3.8 on Windows. It is in version 4.13 and has been released in the first week of May 2020.Spyder 4.1.2 (Python 3.8) Blank Screen

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