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Can anyone tell me how to prepare for the Apple Data Engineer interview?

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To crack any Data Engineer Interview, follow these steps in your learning process:

  • Step 1Learn SQL: Yes this is the fundamental language of all the data languages. If you already know SQL then you skip to the next step. If not, then learn the minimum basics of SQL.
  • Step 2: Learn Hadoop: After learning SQL, you can start learning Apache Hadoop. This is the base for the Big Data platforms that help for Data Engineering. Therefore, learn it well.
  • Step 3: Learn Hive: After learning Hadoop, you can start learning the Apache Hive. This is the most important querying engine for Data Engineering. Learn Hive syntax and basics and practice Hive queries.
  • Step 4: Learn Apache Spark: Apache Spark is the most popular option and better than Apache Hadoop and Hive. Many companies are using it. Therefore, learning Apache Spark is also very important to learn.
  • Step 5: Learn Scala: You have to learn a programming language like Scala or Java 8 streaming. After mastering all these skills, you are well prepared to crack any Data Engineer interview.

You can watch this video on Data Engineer Interview Preparation:

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