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Can anyone tell me how to start a career in Data Analyst with no experience?

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If you are a fresher and want to start a career as a Data Analyst, the foremost technical skills required for Data Analyst is SQL and Excel. Also, the data analyst should have critical thinking and mathematical ability. They also should have good problem-solving skills, the ability to analyze, and interpret the data. For analyzing the data and statistical computing, you have to learn Python or R programming languages. Another most important skill a data analyst should have is data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, etc. 

It is difficult to get your first job. So, you have to create your market by uploading your good projects on GitHub, write blogs. Take a good Da Analytics course from a reputed institute to stand out in the industry and for better job opportunities.

If you want to become a Data Analyst, then register in these Data Analytics Certification courses by Intellipaat that offers instructor-led training, hands-on projects, and certification.

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