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Can anyone tell me what are some blockchain developer interview questions?

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Here are some popular blockchain developer interview questions:

Q1. What is Blockchain?

Q2. Mention the popular blockchain platforms.

Q3. How does blockchain work?

Q4. Why is blockchain a trusted approach?

Q5. What is a block in a blockchain and how to recognize it?

Q6. Name the main elements of a block?

Q7. Can one or more blocks be removed?

Q8. Is it possible to change the data once it is written in a block?

Q9. What types of records are available in the blockchain database?

Q10.What types of records can be put in the blockchain?

Q11. What are the different types of blockchains?

Q12. What are ledgers and name the common types of ledgers?

Q13. Difference between public and private key?

Q14. What are the major features of blockchain?

Q15. Blocks are linked in blockchain in which order?

You can check out this blog on Blockchain Interview Questions for more frequently asked questions in an interview with simple and lucid explanations.

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You can watch this video on blockchain interview questions to start your preparation:

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