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Can anyone tell me what are some blockchain engineer interview questions?

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Here are some popular blockchain engineer interview questions:

1. Compare Blockchain with relational database

2. What is Blockchain Technology?

3. What is a block in a blockchain and how to recognize it?

4. Is modifications possible after the data is written in a block?

5. Which types of records can be put in Blockchain?

6. What is encryption? What is its role in Blockchain?

7. What do you understand about the security of a block?

8. Why Blockchain is a trusted approach?

9. What is Secret Sharing? Does it have any benefit in Blockchain technology?

10. Why Blockchain is a trusted approach?

11. What is Blockchain Durability and robustness?

12. What is Transparent and incorruptible in blockchain?

13. How does Bitcoin use Blockchain?

You can check out this blog on Blockchain Interview Questions for FAQs in blockchain interviews. 

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Also, watch this video for your preparation:

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