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I have the function that creates a list of lists.  I have defined 3 values in my list. Each of these values contains a list of their own contains and the other 2 values contain a number and their availability like:

[['Product 0', False, ], ['Product 1', False, ], ['Product 2', False,]]

I want to determine whether all values for availability are True or False, and I cannot seem to get it to work with all() as it does not have to capability to check for values of lists inside of the list.

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You can use the list of comprehension for this. Iterate your inner lists and extract your second value (True\False). Then use all to check all your values.

x = [['Product 0', False, ], ['Product 1', False, ], ['Product 2', False,]]

AllTrue  = all([e[1] for e in x])      # False

AllFalse = all([not e[1] for e in x])  # True

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