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I'd like to begin tinkering around with an RTS AI, but I'm having trouble finding a good environment to work with, ie a game that has been already created. I have looked at the Spring RTS and Bos Wars, but they don't seem to be conducive to creating simple examples.

I am not totally opposed to writing my own game environment, it would just take a long time. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can get my feet wet without programming my own game?

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The researchers have made a transition from investigating different AI techniques on RTS games in isolation to collaborations and competitions on much more complex games where different techniques are matched up head-to-head. For this work to be successful, then the following conditions are necessary:

Open APIs for the researchers to build and evaluate the models(bots)

Competitions to enable researchers to compare different techniques

Replays for learning algorithms to use for training

Human Opponents to evaluate the performance of bots

Most of the above conditions were met with the release of the Brood War API in 2009, but the closed nature of the platform made it challenging for researchers to automate the process of training AI systems.

For the tutorial of RTS And AI Creation, refer the following link:

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