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I'm a developer for the web and recently I've been interested in AI.

I want to ask people with experience in the field where it is a good place to start learning AI focused on Web Developing.

P.S. Google is not my friend, I want to listen to what people with experience say.

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Artificial intelligence can make web programming easier. It can perform various basic tasks such as adding, updating the records to the database, predicting which bits of code are most likely to be utilized for solving the problem and utilizing those predictions to help web developers in finding the right solution automatically. AI algorithms can be used to create self-modifying codes from very basic without any human involvement. This helps developers to build smarter apps and bots at a much faster rate than before.

Not all web designers are developers and vice-versa. But it sometimes happens that you are great at web development, however, you lack the designing skills. Artificial intelligence solves this concern. Most of the developers are of the opinion that it is one heck of a job to design basic layouts and templates for their web pages.

You can refer the following link for more information:

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