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Is there is any way to filter data using a part of the string

Name    Details1    Details2    Details3    Tag
Luffy   xxxx        xxxx        xxxx        Flag1|Flag2
Zorro   YYYY        YYYY        YYYY        Flag2|Flag3|Flag4.
Ussop   ZZZ         ZZZ         ZZZZ        Flag1|Flag5
Nami    RRR         RRR         RRRR        Flag3|Flag6
Brook   QQQQ        WWW         QQQQ        Flag4|Flag7
Robin   OOOO        OOOO        OOOO        Flag3|flag8
Franky  FFFF        FFFF        FFFf        Flag1|Flag9

The data are shown above, I wanted to create a filter and consist of  contains filter in excel

Name    Details1    Details2    Details3
Ussop   ZZZ         ZZZ         ZZZZ        

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  • We should create a string list parameter which consists  of all possible flag values Filter Parameter definition
  • Right-click on the parameter option and select show parameter control 

  • And the create a calculated feild by using formula

  • CONTAINS([Tag], [FilterParameter])

  •  Put the calculated feild on the filter card and click the "True" box so that only rows that fulfil the formula above are displayedFlag Filter on Filters shelf

If you want to learn more about it Tableau, then go through this Tableau Training for more insights.  

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