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We are implementing blue prism and have an issue to proceed.

We use the object spying for our web application which works fine. However before the application opens, we have smart card authentication. So there is a pop up for entering the smart card pin.

I am not able to detect that. Can you provide me an idea of how to detect the same?

Awaiting your response.

I have tried all the Spy modes but none of it seems to work.

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I am not sure about the application version you are using, some issues may be related to that, none the less here are a few options that you can try:

  1. Firefox or Chrome plugins (you'll need to change object type to browser-based for Firefox and Chrome) and HTML spying mode. (applicable for version 6 and above).
  2. UI spying mode. (applicable for version 6 and above).
  3. Use Surface Automation techniques - Region mode.
  4. Web services that will use the website's API (if applicable).
  5.  try to create separate objects for Smart Card application/pop up and treat it as a separate entity also you would need to test different spying modes as well.

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