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Could someone tell me what skills do I require to learn Machine Learning?

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Machine Learning is one of the most trending technologies that demands several skills and experiences. When you learn about Machine Learning, you will also come across various Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools and techniques. This is because these technologies are related and dependent on each other. Simply put, the relation between Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence is such that Artificial Intelligence is the superset of Machine Learning and the latter is a superset of Deep Learning.

Novices tend to get confused between the three technologies as they have similar terms. Machine Learning helps systems learn via numerous algorithms and data models without the need for any external monitoring. Before learning and mastering this technology, you definitely need to prepare yourself to cope up with the technical terms, theory, etc. Also, there are a few skills that are mandatory to learn Machine learning, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Mathematics

  • Programming skills in R, Python, C, C++, Java, and other languages

  • Statistical concepts

  • Probability

  • Algebra, calculus, etc.

  • MySQL and other databases

Skills in Machine Learning are in high demand and several organizations around the world are looking to recruit Machine Learning professionals and pay high salaries to them.

So, get a head start in your career by enrolling in Intellipaat’s Machine Learning course and gain an equivalent of six months of working experience through our industry-based assignments and projects.

Also, check out this tutorial on Machine Learning that will clear some of your doubts and briefly help you learn more about it:

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