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How to learn AI and Machine Learning yourself?

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Artificial Intelligence is a broad technological domain in computer science. This technology is essential in order to develop machines that are capable of doing several business tasks that require human intelligence. It makes use of several technologies and methodologies in order to simulate human intelligence into computer systems and machines so that they can mimic human actions regarding specific tasks. It makes use of Machine Learning, Neural Networking, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and many such technologies so that systems become intelligent.

Machine Learning, on the other hand, is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. It uses a variety of statistical and mathematical techniques that allow professionals to find hidden patterns and trends in large amounts of structured and unstructured business data. Machine Learning is a subset of AI that allows machines to learn from the given data and make improvements automatically. Machine Learning makes use of numerous algorithms and Deep Learning techniques that will make machines capable of learning from data fed to them without having to be explicitly programmed.

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