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Could someone tell me the best app to learn machine learning and AI?

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Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is used in order to develop algorithms and computer programs that allow systems to learn automatically from the data and improve with experience without the need to be explicitly programmed. This technology works with structured and unstructured business data to find hidden trends and patterns.

Artificial Intelligence is a vast domain that incorporates numerous technologies including Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This field still has not completely been explored and there are a lot more possibilities compared to what we currently know. This technology simulates human intelligence into machines so that they become capable of mimicking human actions and intelligence with respect to certain situations.

The best place where you can learn both Machine Learning and AI technologies is Intellipaat. This e-learning institute offers various blogs, video tutorials, etc. that will help you gain a basic understanding of these in-demand technologies.

Check out this AI and Machine Learning YouTube tutorial developed by our experts who have an in-depth understanding and great experience in the domain:

Further, you must enroll in our Artificial Intelligence Training and Machine Learning Training that are led by industry specialists from all over the world. As part of our courses, you will have numerous advantages like 24 hours of technical assistance, lifelong access to the course, free course upgrades throughout your lifetime, practical experience through exercises and projects, job support, and more.

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