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Hi I am new to blue prism

My question is:

I have button in my application after recording if i try to highlight it is working fine but while executing it is not able to click the button and i am not getting any error.

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It's hard to give you a pinpoint answer without screenshots, if you provide a screenshot of the attribute list in your application modeler, it might be easier to provide an accurate answer. Never the less here are few things you can check that might be causing your issue:

For most applications, the following can be unticked:

  1. any elements with a blank value
  2. all 'Parent' attributes unless required to make the element a unique match
  3. the 'Visible' and 'Enabled' attributes usually have no impact if left ticked or unticked, so can often be unticked
  4. With any attributes which may not be persistent and could be prone to changing i.e. element count, application’s URL, etc, it is recommended to untick them or, if required in your process, use the wildcard match type to dynamically build the corresponding values which will allow easy identification.

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