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I am developing some complex solidity smartcontracts (using some external libraries such as Oraclize). The think is that the IDE that I am using for the moment Remix and Oraclize IDE dosen't fit with the requirments that I want, I need:
To compile, deploy and test a smartcontract that can use Oraclize library
Have the files in local and be allowed to use a private github repository
Compile the contracts only when clicking Ctrl + S
Have a desktop environment (Like IntellIJ or Atom)
I have tried some plugins like etheratom (With lots of smartcontracts the program brokes), Intellij solidity plugin (In this one I don't know how to compile and deploy the contracts).
And I missed a very important feature that I want and that dosen't have any IDE that I have tryed.
Give the exact position of errors like invalid opcode
I have serched a lot and I didn't find anything.

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You should leverage VSCode. VSCode has several extensions that are really helpful in developing smart contracts with Solidity on VSCode. These extensions are: 

  • Material Icon Theme - For distinguishing between folders and files
  • Solidity or Solidity-Solhint, Ethereum Solidity Language - For Visual Studio Code
  • Trailing spaces - For highlighting trailing spaces and deleting them
  • Rainbow Brackets -  For brackets
  • Indent Rainbow - For Easier indentation
  • GitHistory and GitLens.

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