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I was trying to deploy a Machine Learning model as a web service for that, I am using Azure Machine Learning Service. Everything works fine but whenever I tried to deploy it on Azure Container Instance it fails with this error:

Creating service


FailedACI service creation operation finished, operation "Failed"

Service creation polling reached terminal state, current service state: Transitioning

Service creation polling reached terminal state, unexpected response received. Transitioning

Can anyone help me why this error shows up and how I can able to rectify it?

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So basically, for the Azure Container Instance deployment fails, you can try with some less allocate resources, also this error shows up as because if a region having a heavy load then it will experience a failure.

You try with some less allocate resources, something like:

aciconfig = AciWebservice.deploy_configuration(cpu_cores=1, 


                  tags={"data": "text",  "method" : "NB"}, 

                  description='Predict something')

I hope this will help.

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