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Could someone tell me why data analytics is the best career move?

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The Data Analytics profession is one of the most sought-after jobs today. In 2018, WEF (World Economic Forum) published a report that predicted that data analyst jobs will grow multi-fold times by 2022, as almost 85% of companies worldwide will have adopted big data and analytics technologies in their operations. Many people are considering making a career move to Data Analytics, so why is that? Let’s explore!

  • Data analytics professionals are in high demand, as several skilled workforces are less likely to get the job done. So, you have a higher chance of bagging the job if you acquire the right skill set.
  • Every company is now data-driven, so you have humongous options in front of you to choose a domain and company based on your interest. You could be a financial analyst, sports analyst, healthcare, data analyst, business analyst, data scientist, etc.
  • It’s a rewarding career too as the salaries and perks are good too. And that also depends on the work experience, job location, company, skillsets, etc.

The benefits list of Data Analysts just continues. So, if you are wishing to make a career move to data analytics, you could start by reading the Data Analyst blog article to get to know more about the profession’s roles and responsibilities.

And if you wish to make the career move to Data Analytics, then getting certified by enrolling in a Data Analytics course is the best option that you could consider. And also, go through our video on the Data Analyst career.

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