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Could someone tell me what is the scope of Data Science jobs in the USA and will there be any inflation in the future as the demand for the jobs is rising incrementally?

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Data is considered to be the new oil of the 21st century in the sense that It has value and can be capitalized on. Data grows exponentially every second and as long as data exists in the world, there will be jobs for Data Science professionals. Data Science shows great promise for the future in the US as well. 

  • LinkedIn has posted over 19,000 openings for Data Science experts in the US currently

  • The average annual income of Data Science professionals in the US is US$122,579 as per Indeed.

Data Science is going strong in the job market. As a matter of fact, there aren’t enough skill sets and qualified professionals to meet the rise in demand for Data Scientists globally. For this reason, Data Scientists with the right qualifications and expertise are being paid incredibly high. For upskilling yourself in Data Science I would suggest you go with Intellipaat Data Science Course. Once you grab the required skills for Data Science you can easily get the job opportunity.

Companies are now hiring based on their individual requirements and specific portfolios and not looking at qualifications alone. 

Here is a video explaining the future scope of Data Science. Check it out:

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