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Is data science a safe career to pursue? What will be the future, in terms of jobs? Will automation soon takeover, leaving data scientists in the middle of nowhere? How would you compare a software engineering career to data science?

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If we talk about a career in Data Science, then Data Science has a very bright career and there are a plethora of job opportunities in the field of Data Science.

Automation will take over most of the things but it will not affect Data Science jobs because Data scientists would be the persons who will assist in creating automation software.

For comparing Software Engineer with a Data Scientist there are many factors such as salary, opportunities, and growth. So, Data Scientists would obviously be paid more than a Software Engineer because it requires a lot of skillset and effort to become a Data Scientist.

Since Data Science is an emerging technology it has a lot of opportunities and has a bright future from a career point of view.

So, ultimately if you are a beginner who eagerly wants to learn Data Science then go through this comprehensive Data Science tutorial.

Also, if you want to dive deep into the field of Data Science then you must watch this video tutorial on Data Science:

For getting a job as a Data Scientist you should be a professional in Data Science and you need to have a certificate for proving it, so, you should go for Data Science courses to make your career rise to the next level.

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