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I am a class 12th student. I want to be a data scientist. Can someone guide me?

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 For becoming a Data Scientist you should need to fulfill  the below-listed requirements:

  •  On Completing your class 12 th ,You can go for a Bachelor degree in engineering and opt for Computer Science branch in engineering

  • After that  you can go for  direct Masters in Data Science or Masters in Data Analytics.

  •  You can also pursue Masters in Mathematics(statistics) .

This is all about the  Educational Background, now let’s talk about the Required skills, which play a significant role in a person to be a Data Science Professional.

  • A Data Scientist requires expertise in the field of mathematics, statistics, and probability, in-depth knowledge of programming languages, such as Python and R, and good command of visualization and extracting tools.

    You also have to refer to the online courses listed below for  Upskilling yourself and have an upper hand with respect to domain expertise.

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