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Could someone tell me how Human Resource (HR) is implementing Artificial Intelligence in their work process in organizations?

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Artificial Intelligence, no doubt, is a technology force that is on its way to almost every domain, that we know of. Because humans have realized that they cannot extend their physical dimensions without external help. Artificial Intelligence has steadily progressed around the world and had become a viable solution to improve the structure, efficiency, and productivity that major organizations require in this highly competitive era. Human Resource or HR is no different. Nowadays, HR has started implementing the A.I. in their work processes to streamline and bring about more efficiency and productivity. A.I. is still at its nascent stage according to major scientists and industry insiders and there is still a long way to go to reach its full capacity. So, let me share some of the ways that the HR department is playing with this new technology to bring about major changes in how their organizations are working:

  1. Artificial Intelligence was used in Recruitment and onboarding.
  2. A.I. in employee development and better clarity and asses their skills for better career prospects.
  3. For more employee engagement and services.
  4. Is used for collecting more suggestions from the employee, regarding the proper functioning and better management, to streamline the employee experience and much more.

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