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Could someone tell me what is the role of Site Reliability Engineer?

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A Site Reliability Engineer or SRE is a professional who is responsible for maintaining the Software development cycle by handling both themselves, accepting that 100% reliability couldn’t be achieved, will work towards bridging the gap between the development and operations team to maintain a balance. Here I will list out the role of a Site Reliability Engineer for your reference:

  1. They are responsible for code deployment, its configuration, and monitoring.
  2. Also, take care of service availability, latency, emergency response, and capacity management of the services, etc.
  3. They help their team in deciding new features or updates, with the help of SLA's, SLI's and SLO’s. (SLA; Service-level agreements), (SLI; Service-level Indicators), & (SLO; Service-level Objectives). These metrics help in deciding the timing of the release, how many failures they plan and how much they can take and still proceed with the production, their production budget, etc.
  4. Their task is also to automate lots of redundant tasks, and would design an automated solution for the tasks which they find problematic on a consistent basis.
  5. 50% of their time for developing & automating and the rest for operations, deployment, etc.

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