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Could someone tell me why Site Reliability Engineering is important?

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Site Reliability Engineering is important in a multitude of factors, and is being implemented in various organizations across the world. So, let's discuss some of the benefits of SRE and their importance:

  1. SRE helps in narrowing the Dev team and Ops team gap.
  2. SRE helps in modernizing the NOC (Network operations center) with the help of machine learning, automation, etc. thus helping organizations by sending the alerts through NOC directly to the person responsible for its fix.
  3. SRE team has the maximum visibility among all the other teams, so they have an additional responsibility along with creating service health to optimize the incident response, that is to point out the defect or faults that is ought to be fixed.
  4. SRE helps in reducing the customer churn rate or conversely improves the customer retention rate and adds more customers over time. Because SRE is first focused on customers, second only to the business.
  5. SRE helps in giving you both reliability and speed, together to drive software development by reducing the cost of failures over time, by providing automated solutions for repetitive problems, etc.

SRE and DevOps have slight differences between them, both focus on reducing the gap between the developments team and operations team. Enroll in a good DevOps course to excel in your career as a certified professional. I would like you to watch a video on the Difference Between DevOps and SRE to help you get a better understanding.

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