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Could someone tell me how to become a SAP Business Analyst?

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Well, before describing the route map on how to become an SAP Business Analyst, let I first describe to you who exactly is an SAP Business Analyst. An SAP Business Analyst is a professional who is responsible to evaluate, design, and implement SAP (Systems Applications and Products) software programs, to help businesses manage their core areas like sales and marketing, inventory and production, etc. all within a single window program. Now coming to your query, “How do I become an SAP Business Analyst”, you had a Bachelor’s degree at least in relevant fields are preferable, some percentage of Business Analysts also go for Masters in a relevant field to enhance their job prospects. You need to master several soft skills like, good communication and interpersonal skills, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, good knowledge of SAP modules, business processes, ERP technology and how it could help your business strategies, etc.

Now getting work experience is favorable for you as it heavily increases your chances of getting a good job, as many SAP Business Analysts have several years of experience as an SAP consultant, SAP analysts, etc. before divulging into SAP Business Analysis. Enroll in a good Business Analyst training course from a reputed e-learning institute like Intellipaat, to help yourself acquire the required practical skills in the domain. If you are someone who is a novice in this field, make sure to watch the following video on the Business Analytics course.

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