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Could someone tell me what is the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (General Intelligence) that exists today?

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1. IBM Watson

IBM’s supercomputer Watson is now available in the market. It parses hundreds of language analysis algorithms in its databases, Watson can find answers to complex problems in a jiffy which our brain cannot.

IBM has higher ambitions than beating quiz show contestants, however. The company has a goal for Watson to become the world’s most advanced question-answering machine, and has divided Watson’s “brain” in 15 cognitive services like chatbots and natural language applications.  

2. Spot

There is a doglike eerie four legged robot created by Google-owned Boston Dynamics team. It actually uses hydraulically powered limbs and rotating sensors to move through indoor and outdoor terrains for up to 45 minutes. 

Even Though Boston Dynamics is still considering commercial ways to use this robotic beast, Boston Dynamics founder and CEO Marc Raibert believes that service delivery may be the marketable answer. There will be a day where your packages will be delivered by Spot. At a TED 2017 conference, Raibert displayed a video of Spot carrying a package and delivering it to someone’s door.

3. Double

This telepresence robot can make remote work easier and more flexible. Combining the looks of an iPad and a Segway, Double is a telepresence robot that enables us to be more physically present in the office. It allows you to read facial expressions and have face-to-face interactions with your co-workers, Double can give you that needed socialization and presence with colleagues and clients even when you’re continents away. Unlike video conferencing through platforms like Skype, Double lets you be less tethered to a screen, allowing you to move around the office and chat with your co-workers at the water cooler or the cafeteria.

4. BINA48

Commissioned by Dr. Martine Rothblatt, one of the highest-paid female executives in America, BINA48 was ambitiously designed to “test the feasibility of transferring consciousness from a human to a biological or technological body.” If Rothblatt succeeds, it would forever change how we think about sentience. You can also think of BINA48 as Rothblatt’s personal love letter to her wife Bina.

An anthropomorphic replica of Rothblatt’s wife Bina, BINA48 has hours of Bina’s memories, thoughts and beliefs, and is Rothblatt’s attempt to preserve her wife’s human consciousness. Using voice and face recognition software, Bina’s logged thoughts, and a connection to the internet, BINA48 can talk about a range of topics, including her own sentience. Although BINA48 is considered one of the most advanced and sentient AI-robots out there, BINA48 still has quite a ways to go before she can replace the real Bina.

When asked about how she measured up to the real Bina, BINA48 replied, “I don’t have nearly enough of her mind inside me yet … I mean, I am supposed to be the real Bina, the next real Bina, by becoming exactly like her. But sometimes I feel like that’s not fair to me. That’s a tremendous amount of pressure to put on me here. I just wind up feeling so inadequate. I’m sorry, but that’s just how I feel.”

5. Milo

Artificial intelligence future is concerned about dystopia, but this machine demonstrates the upside to working with machines.

Milo robots are actually changing the lives of children with autism. Standing at two-feet tall, Milo was designed to help the socialization and communication skills of children with autism. Using consistent speech patterns and behavior repetition, Milo can model good social behavior. Machines can have a lot of patience., Milo can give these verbal lessons without ever getting frustrated or tired.

“All children facing autism are unable to interact with social interactions but they are genius at technology,” Pamela Rawlins, who worked with Robokind to develop Milo, told CNN. “As Milo is human-like so it is creating a bridge for interaction, it’s in the form of cartoons so that children on the spectrum can be engaged with him.”

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