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Which company today created the most powerful artificial intelligence?

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The following companies are playing a role in shaping the future of artificial intelligence and its capabilities.

USM Business Systems

USM Business Systems is a well known artificial intelligence automation USA. USM is acknowledged as a Certified Minority Business Enterprise. USM provides services in retail, banking and finance, e-commerce, health care, marketing and sales, telecommunication. USM is also providing the application of artificial intelligence in Texas.


Based in California, AIBrain is an artificial intelligence company that builds AI solutions for smartphones and robotics applications. Their work is to produce artificial intelligence inspired by the human skill set of problem-solving, learning and memory.


IBM works on artificial intelligence technology. It has kept active in the AI space, with 3 recent gains in addition to its AI service, Watson. Watson is one of the most eminent profile AI projects.


ViSenze’s artificial intelligence technology operates by suggesting visually similar items to users when shopping online. It uses visual sensing to find a match for an item online, then offers filters for pricing, relationship and availability.

Zebra Medical Systems

Zebra Medical Systems that applies deep learning techniques to the field of radiology. Radiology can predict multiple diseases with better-than-human accuracy by examining a huge library of medical images and a specialized examination technology.


CruxIQ is an artificial intelligence startup. This company uses artificial intelligence to analyze legal contracts and extract information to help you keep important clauses at your fingertips. Their characteristics include contract organization, deviation analysis, RAG analysis.

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