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Could someone guide me on how to get CCBA Certification?

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You can get CCBA Certification once you meet their requirements and through proper training by enrolling in CCBA Classes from any recognized e-learning partner. There are specific pre-requisites that you must meet to get CCBA-certified, and they are: 

  • You must complete 3750 hours of work in the Business Analysis domain in the last seven years.  

  • And within those 3750 hours, you must either work in 2 of the Knowledge Areas out of 6 Areas of BABOK Guide for 900 hours each or 500 hours each in 4 Knowledge Areas of the total 6 Knowledge Areas of BABOK Guide. 

And rest of the conditions is to meet the IIBA Code of Conduct and other Terms & Conditions, etc. Watch this following YouTube video on Business Analytics Tutorial. 

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