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Could anyone tell me how to prepare for CCBA Certification?

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CCBA is a prestigious certification that IIBA offers to qualified Business Analysis professionals. There are a few pre-requisites for Business Analysts that they must meet before registering for the exam, and they are: 

They must have completed 3750 hours in the last seven years as Business Analysts. These total hours include 900 hours in any 2 out of the total, 6 Knowledge Areas of BABOK Guide. Or else, 500 hours each in any 4 out of the total, 6 Knowledge Areas in BABOK Guide. Additionally, you must have extra 21 hours of Professional Development in the last four years to be eligible for CCBA.

Once you are eligible, let's now discuss the percentage of questions that the CCBA Certification exam focuses on: 

  • Requirements Life Cycle Management-18%

  • Strategy Analysis-12%

  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition-32%

  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring-12%

  • Elicitation and Collaboration-20%

  • Solution Evaluation-6%

If you are eligible and are searching for some great courses to clear the CCBA exam, I recommend an industry-grade CCBA Certification course. Also, check out our YouTube video on Business Analyst to get a better understanding. 

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