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Could someone tell me how much does CCBA certification?

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IIBA has segregated different countries into three Regions based on their economic conditions. Wealthier countries are in Region 1 that consists of The USA, UK, UAE, etc. Region 2 consists of Singapore, South Africa, etc. Finally, countries like India, Pakistan, Argentina, etc., are in Region 3. The amount of registration for different countries depends on which Region they fall. 

Professionals from Region 3 have to pay less than Region 1 because of their country's economy. The total cost breakdown of the CCBA Certification exam are: 

  •  Membership cost: USD 55

  • Application Fee: USD 125

  • Exam Fees (Member): USD 325

  • Exam Fees (Non-Member): USD 395

That amounts to USD 505 for IIBA members and USD 575 for Non-members for the CCBA certification exam. 

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