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I have taken over a project that has been deployed to elastic beanstalk. I would like to configure my eb cli to deploy to the existing environment without modifying that environment. From my research I get the impression that eb init is the proper command, however when I started going through the interactive session it seemed like it was going to use my entries as the configuration settings (e.g. platform version). I want to make sure that I maintain the settings that are already in use (I was unable to determine what platform version my running environment is using) and I want to make sure that the running ec2 instance will not be replaced or terminated for any reason. Does anyone know the best way to go about doing this? Thanks in advance for any help.


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Before using the eb init command, make sure that you select an existing application and environment.

Settings created by eb init will be default setting for future environments and it won't overwrite any settings on the running environment.

As for the instances, they can be created and terminated at any time by Elastic Beanstalk, based on health and autoscaling policies. If your instances are healthy and no autoscaling event occurs then there won't be any replaced instances caused by eb deploy. 

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