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I have set the 'Application Healthcheck URL' (aws:elasticbeanstalk:application) for my elasticbeanstalk application, and during the night the two servers started failing this check.

It seems that the autoscaling group set up by elasticbeanstalk has a health check type of ec2 which means that the servers did not get terminated and replaced, leaving 2 out of service servers attached to the load balancer.

How can I change the autoscaling group's health check type to be elb using the elasticbeanstalk's configuration settings? I cannot find any documented way of changing this value, but it must be a fairly common requirement.


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To achieve this, you will have to make changes in your config file. It should look something like:



        Type: "AWS::AutoScaling::AutoScalingGroup"


            HealthCheckType: ELB

            HealthCheckGracePeriod: 600

you can also refer to the following link for more details.


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