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I am trying to deploy a configmap onto a cluster

 - name: Make/Update all configmaps on the cluster


 api_endpoint: blah

 url_username: blah

 url_password: blah


 apiVersion: v1

 kind: ConfigMap


 name: blah

namespace: blah

 data: my-data.txt: "{{ data }}"

 state: present

data: |

 some = foo

 foo = some

(using spinnaker to attach it to pods)

When I go into the pod and open my-data.txt it displays:

some = foo\n foo = some\n

I want it to look exactly like the text and print newline rather than \n

Weird thing if I put ' ' single quotes somewhere in the text it prints the text as is but with the single quotes so :

data: |

 some = foo

 foo = some

' '

prints exactly the same.

I have tried to research but I couldn't find anything and I have been stuck on this for a while now.

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you need to remove all whitespace from the end of each line and make sure you don't have any special characters as well.

You can use this with single-line strings, rather than multiline. e.g. in go use "" + "\n" rather than backticks.

The correct result should use a pipe |

data: |

 some = foo

 foo = some

I hope this will help to print a config map instead of a new line.

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