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Can anyone tell me how long it will take to learn Data Science?

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Data Science is a combination of a lot of tools and skills. Hence, it takes years to excel in each and every skill. To learn Data Science at least an intermediate level, it takes 35 weeks i.e. 245 days to learn Data Science.

You can follow this learning path to learn Data Science Online Courses by Intellipaat:

  • Excel and MS SQL (5 Weeks or 35 days)
  • Data Science with R (5 Weeks or 35 days)
  • Python for Data Science, Machine learning, Statistics (4 weeks or 28 days)
  • Apache Spark and Scala, Mongo DB, MS SQL (8 weeks or 48 days)
  • Deep learning (6 weeks or 42 days)
  • Tableau (6 weeks or 42 days)
  • SAS (4 weeks or 28 days)

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