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Skillsets needed to become a test automation engineer?

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The person who automates software testing is known as an automation testing engineer. This person creates automated scripts and programs that greatly minimises human labour and boosts productivity.

But to become a test automation engineer, there are many pre required skills necessary.

Following are some of the skills needed for an automation testing engineer: 

  • The person should have a bit of knowledge about manual software testing.

  • Should know some programming languages like C# and java.

  • Should have an upper hand on aptitude and problem solving skills 

  • Knowledge about web and mobile API is necessary.

  • Should be flexible with working in a team as most projects call for involvement from people in various roles.

Here is a Test architect course provided by Intellipaat which will give you a great insight into automation testing

Check out this video of one of our students, Shruti Sharan, who joined the programme and eventually became a test automation engineer.

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