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How is AI is used in banking sectors? Do you think the use of AI helps customers to get better service?

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AI is boon to the banking sectors and customers. It is actually making their work in easier ways like providing chatbots which responds to customers queries 24*7, analytics systems to analyze the customer credentials whether they are eligible to repay the loans or not and providing loans based on that information, they are used to track fraudulent transactions with ease not only these there are numerous beneficial features available. In current times learning AI is one of the promising careers as it is having wide applications. 

If you are interested in learning this technology I will suggest you to go with this Artificial Intelligence Master Course from Intellipaat which helps to learn various AI concepts and become a IBM certified AI expert.

Along with that have a look at this video on how Intellipaat helped Borhanul to learn AI being from banking sector - 

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