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I published my code from local to Terminal Server (Prod). I have everything set on Orchestrator like Robot, Environment, Processes and NuGet package uploaded. I started running the job and it fails after 1 minute of running.

I am getting an error saying "Read range error on Orchestrator". I have a valid config file on Terminal Server. I even checked Excel activity on Studio it is up to date. Don’t know where the issue is. Could anyone help me here? It would be very helpful in running my bot on Production.

Note: I am using Studio 2018.2.3 and Orchestrator 2018.4.1

On Local machine it is running fine and I am getting this issue only on Orchestrator on Terminal Server

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I think the issue that you are facing is related to Dependency files which would be missing on the Terminal server’s local drive. So what you need to do is copy all dependency files like Excel activities, RestSharp, csvhelper, and Newtonsoft.Json from Local machine to Terminal Server under .nuget folder.

Moreover, you need to make sure that you have the same path for %AppData% in both Local and Terminal server.

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