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I have been working with UiPath Studio to automate workflows and was successful. Now I want to create a UiPath Robot to deploy only on my localhost.

I have followed a couple of videos, e.g. UiPath Tutorials For Beginners - Deploying a bot to Orchestrator || Schedule a bot Uipath which seems to take help of the UiPath Orchestrator.

My questions are:

Is it absolutely necessary to use UiPath Orchestrator to create and deploy a UiPath Robot on on my localhost?

If it is mandatory, is there any UiPath official videos available?

If it is not mandatory, can you please point me to some documentation/videos?

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Let's tackle your questions one by one, I will make it into separate points so that you have clarity

  • No, it is not necessary. The community edition of UiPath already includes your first robot. Whenever you execute/run your workflows this robot is activated and takes action.
  • I would suggest you enroll at UiPath Academy and check Level 2 Orchestrator Training. It is very detailed and covers all aspects of the benefits mentioned in your first question.
  • About setting up a robot locally without Orchestrator please check
  • There are three steps to follow in order to execute your workflow without Orchestrator locally:

  1. Publish your project enter image description here
  2. Launch your UiPath Robot either from the system tray or search for UiPath Robot under your windows search and launch it. Check under available processes and highlight the one that you wantenter image description here
  3. As you highlight/select the process that you want on the right side of the name a start button will appear and you can run it.

 enter image description here

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