Java Complete Course

This free self-paced course will help you build your fundamentals in Java

This self-paced Java course will help you develop a solid foundation and job-ready skills in Java development. You will acquire hands-on skills in Java programming, exception handling, JDBC, Java annotations, and more. This course is designed for anyone interested in learning Java and pursuing a career as a Java Developer.

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This course includes:

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About Course

Java skills you will learn


Coding Basics


Java Statements

Objects and Classes

Garbage Collector

Boxing & Unboxing


Exception Handling

Nested Classes



Java Generics

Course Curriculum

Core Java Concepts

  • Introduction to Java Programming
  • Defining Java
  • Need for Java
  • Platform Independent in Java
  • Define JRE,JVM, JDK
  • Important Features and Evolution of Java

Writing Java Programs using Java Principles

  • Overview of Coding basics,
  • Setting up the required environment
  • Knowing the available IDEs
  • Writing a Basic-level Java Program
  • Define Package
  • What are Java Comments?
  • Understanding the concept of Reserved Words
  • Introduction to Java Statements
  • What are Blocks in Java
  • Explain a Class
  • Different Methods

  • Overview of the Language
  • Defining Identifiers
  • What are Constraints and Variables
  • What is an Encoding Set?
  • Concept of Separators
  • Define Primitives
  • How to make Primitive Conversions?
  • Various Operators in Java

  • Module Overview
  • Learn how to write If Statement
  • Understanding While Statement
  • Working with Do-while Statement
  • How to use For Statement?
  • Using Break Statement
  • What is Continue Statement
  • Working of Switch Statement

  • General Review of the Module
  • Defining Object and Classes in Java
  • What are Encapsulation, Static Members and Access Control?
  • Use and importance of ‘this’ Keyword
  • Defining Method Overloading with an example
  • ‘By Value’ vs. ‘By Reference’
  • Loading
  • Defining Initialization and Linking
  • How to Compare Objects in Java?
  • What is Garbage Collector?

  • General Review
  • Concept of Object in Java
  • Define Core Class
  • What is System?
  • Explain String Classes
  • How do Arrays work?
  • Concept of Boxing & Unboxing
  • Use of ‘varargs’, ‘format’ and ‘printf’ Methods

  • Introduction
  • Define Inheritance with an example
  • Accessibility concept
  • Method Overriding
  • Learning how to call a Superclass’ Constructor
  • What is Type Casting?
  • Familiarity with ’instanceof’ Keyword

  • Getting started with exception Handling Defining an Exception
  • How to use Constructs to deal with exceptions?
  • Classification of exceptions
  • Throw Exceptions
  • How to create an exception class?
  • Stack Trace analysis

  • General Review
  • Defining Interface
  • Use and Create and Interface
  • Concept of Extending interfaces
  • How to implement multiple interfaces?
  • What are abstract classes?
  • How to create and use abstract classes?
  • Comparison between interface and abstract classes
  • Concept of Nested Classes
  • What are Nested Classes?
  • Nested Classes Types
  • Working of an Inner Class
  • What is a Local Inner Class?
  • Anonymous Classes in java
  • What is a Static Nested Class

  • What are Nested Classes?
  • Types of Nested Classes
  • What is an Inner Class?
  • Understanding local inner class
  • Anonymous Inner Class
  • Nested Class – Static

  • What is a Thread?
  • How to create and start a Thread?
  • States of a Thread
  • Blocking the Execution of a Thread
  • Concept of Sleep Thread
  • Understanding the priorities in a thread
  • Synchronization in Java Threads
  • Interaction between threads

  • Introduction to Collection Framework
  • Preeminent Interfaces
  • What are Comparable and Comparator?
  • Working with Lists
  • Working with Maps
  • Working with Sets
  • Working with Queues

  • Define JDBC
  • Different types of Drivers
  • How to access the drivers?
  • What is Connection in Java?
  • What is a Statement?
  • Explaining CRUD Operations with examples
  • Prepared Statement and Callable Statement

  • Overview of important topics included
  • Important and Frequently-Used Features
  • Defining Generic List
  • What is Generic Map in Java?
  • Java Generic Classes & Methods
  • For Loop Generic
  • What is Generic Wild Card?

  • Brief Introduction
  • Learning about Input and output streams in java
  • Concept of byte Oriented Streams
  • Defining Character Oriented Streams?
  • Explain Object Serialization
  • Input and Output Based on Channel

  • Introduction and Definition of Annotations
  • How they are useful for Java programmers?
  • Placements in Annotations
  • What are Built-in Java Annotations
  • Defining Custom Annotations

  • Getting started
  • Define Java Reflection?
  • What is a Class Object?
  • Concept of Constructors
  • Using Fields
  • Applying Methods
  • Implementing Annotations in Your Java Program

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